Vỏ tủ kín MEC, thép không gỉ 304

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Vỏ tủ kín MEC, thép không gỉ 304

The range of MEC enclosures is a complete offer of monobloc enclosures for assembling small and medium-sized electrical automation panels, control panels and switchboards.

The typical use of MECA Enclosures is to assemble control panels for a very wide variety of industrial machines: from large machinery with automated production lines or parts of these, down to the typical installations of on-board machine switchboards, boilers, heating plants and so on.

The MECD Enclosures can be also used for assembling the secondary distribution boards, due to the possibility, when using 400, 600 and 800 mm widths, of installing the whole range of apparatus and modular circuit-breakers on DIN rails combined with special pre-drilled and hinged modular front panels, allowing construction distribution switchboards thanks to the availability of a series of accessories (modular panels, DIN rails).

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