Engineering and Consulting can help in improving the performance of electrical systems and automation. We can provide the best solutions for you.

Our experts are your dedicated partners, analyzing your current situation/challenges, understanding your goals, and designing the right solution to extend the availability, performance, and efficiency of your operational systems and assets.

Based upon customer-specific requirements, projects can be customized – from basic design consultation to feasibility studies and complete turnkey solutions.

Our Engineering and Consulting services are based on production, safety, and energy efficiency analyses of machines and systems. Please contact us.


We have extensive experience in equipment installation and commissioning of electrical systems and automation.

Procedures related to installation and commissioning have been specifically defined for each piece of equipment; all our personnel has the necessary skills for the job. They are trained in planning, coordination, management, supervision, and inspection duties, as well as in instructing the operating personnel.  

We promise that our Installation and Commissioning services will deliver the desired technology and/or efficient production processes that you need. Please contact us


1. Maintenance

Preventive maintenance decreases the risk of equipment failures and avoids unscheduled repairs. Our maintenance services always include repair procedures authorized by the original manufacturers and we refurbish the equipment corresponding to the original products.  

We offer comprehensive maintenance programs that define maintenance work and the required spare parts for different stages. The programs ensure the best possible usability and performance of the equipment.

We also provide recommendations for preventive maintenance and spare part programs. Our preventive approach helps eliminate many potential problems.

2. Repairs

We have the tools, expertise, and modernization methods to evaluate your electrical systems and provide the repairs and services that are right for you.

MEE can also plan for and provide exchange units to minimize production breaks while maintenance works are carried out. The availability of exchange units varies between products.

We work on the basis that, if something can go wrong, it probably will and may happen at the worst possible time – during the night, over the weekend, or on a public holiday. We’re always prepared so you can leave the worry and hassle for us. Please contact us.