With a total area of 11,000 m2, in which the factory area is 4,800 m2 and the office area is 600 m2.The factory is equipped with production lines with modern machinery and equipment including Laser cutting machines, CNC cutting machines, CNC punching machines, CNC bending machines, and a powder coating line.

Over the years, production methods and techniques have been continually improved to achieve higher productivity and quality so that we can continue to meet the increasing demands of customers.


The plant has implemented the ERP management software (Enterprise Resource Planning) to manage the overall production and business processes, saving time and cost while improving the efficiency and quality of our works.




MATERIAL AREA                                                                            MACHINERY AREA






WELDING AREA                                                                              PAINTING AREA







MECHANICAL ASSEMBLY AREA                                                  ELECTRICAL ASSEMBLY AREA







LABELING & MARKING AREA                                                           PACKING AREA