The success of MEE Engineering Co., Ltd is largely due to the contributions of our staff and employees, which are the most important assets of our company.

Moving towards the goal of "Building a great working environment", MEE always creates opportunities for employees to develop their careers as well as to find their balance between work and life.

In addition to creating a good working environment for our employees, we always strive to build a culture of the company that is reflected in our working style and communicative behaviors between our employees and towards our business partners.

Our corporate culture is expressed through 3 basic values:

1. Unite

The staff of MEE always unite when it comes to the development of the company.

2. Professional

MEE always encourages each member to practice professionalism from the smallest work in order to achieve the highest performance.

3. Responsibility

Each member is responsible for their work. MEE always puts responsibility first when working with our partners.

The culture of MEE Engineering Co., Ltd. has been built, maintained, and strengthened over many generations. This is the valuable asset that all staff and employees of this company are always proud of. It is the foundations of corporate culture that the Board of Directors and the collective of staff and employees have strived to build which will be the factors for our strong and stable development.